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Wear It White

How To Wear White This Spring

Now that the sun has finally made an appearance this season, it’s again okay to start bringing spring colors into your outfits. A look I’ve been really into lately is the idea of an all white everything look (well mostly all white) as an antithesis to all the dark colors I’ve been wearing all winter long. Wearing white gives off a very fresh, clean vibe and not to mention it can help you look really tan even if you haven’t been to the beach yet. While you might decide to try this trend out for yourself, getting decked out in all white from head to toe might not be the best way to incorporate this color into your looks. Instead, try white pants first and then a mostly white top with a print or pattern to break it up a little like I did in this outfit. How are you wearing white this spring? Leave a comment and show me some of your favorite looks or inspiration.


French Connection Jacket //  French Connection Shirt  //  Express Trousers  //  Express Hat  //  Vans Shoes


Loft Apartment

By Oskar Firek



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Staircase at the Nguyen Residence, Montreal, Canada by Atelier Moderno.

Canvas  by  andbamnan